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Ones To Watch: Starsha Lee

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Photo: Syndicol Music

Location: London, UK

Members: Starsha Lee, Crispin Gray

Genre: Alternative Rock

After building a formidable reputation on London’s live scene with their incendiary live shows, Starsha Lee have finished their debut album.

Capturing Crispin’s signature guitar work, honed through many years with Queen Adreena, Daisy Chainsaw and Dogbones, Starsha Lee has pushed into new musical territory with their distinctive sound.

Their debut album Post-god Metaphysics draws on punk, glam and garage rock to create a unique mix of performance art unfolding in real time.

In their own words, “Dignifying high pitched vocals with nihilistic intent, Starsha Lee is a Portuguese singer and visual artist. The unique guitar of Crispin Gray from Daisy Chainsaw frames the manifesto. A post-Duchamp inconvenient sound for inconvenient people.”

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