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Ones To Watch: Jon Fuller

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Location: New York, U.S.A

Genre: Singer-Songwriter/Chamber Pop

Jon Fuller, a 25-year-old singer songwriter currently based out of New York City, has had music in his DNA as long as he can remember. At the age of two, he discovered the upright piano in his childhood home’s living room and picked out the melody to a Christmas carol. Piano lessons followed soon after, and until adolescence, Jon stayed strictly in the classical world; it wasn’t until he discovered other great pianist-singers such as Ben Folds, Tori Amos and Kate Bush that Jon uncovered his own need to make music.

“Hearing these artists do such amazing things with their voices and instruments, and tackle such incredible subjects with their songs, made me realize I had stories I wanted to tell as well,” Jon says. His music reflects this need; though there are elements of his personal life in every song he writes, the lyrics often veer into the fantastical. A break-up provided fodder for “Time Machine,” the story of someone who, upon finding a time machine in perfect working condition, is myopic enough to choose to relive the end of a relationship instead of going anywhere else in time; and what began as an ode to parental love and gratitude became “,” a cautionary tale of what may happen once humanity creates artificial intelligence, sung from the point of view of a sentient being who just learned the meaning of regret.

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This focus on character-building and story crafting has begun to resonate the outside world as well. George Graham of WVIA-FM reviewed Jon’s debut album, Skipping Away from Dissonance, last summer, calling it “an impressive and enjoyable record.” It was also featured in his Best of 2013 Albums list and received substantial airplay in the Northeast Pennsylvania area. Though his career is gaining momentum, fame is not his end goal. “Because of this music, I’ve had some of the most amazing conversations with people,” Jon says. “It’s given me opportunities to connect to people I’ve not had before.” At his current trajectory, Jon will have the opportunity to connect to people through his music for many years to come.

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