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Ones To Watch: Bastard Mountain

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Location: Edinburgh, Scotland

Genre: Indie-Folk

Members: Neil Pennycook, Reuben Taylor, Jill O’Sullivan, Pete Harvey, Rory Sutherland, Rob St. John

Bastard Mountain are Pete Harvey & Neil Pennycook from Meursault, Jill O’Sullivan from Sparrow & the Workshop, Rob St. John from eagleowl & Meursault, Rory Sutherland from Broken Records & Reuben Taylor from James Yorkston & the Athletes.

Farewell, Bastard Mountain was recorded in the living room of Song, by Toad Records boss Matthew Young in Edinburgh, Scotland. Jill, Neil and Rob each brought three songs, one to sing themselves, and one each for the other two vocalists to sing. Over the course of a week the group wrote and recorded music to go with these new versions, the result of which is Farewell, Bastard Mountain.

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It’s a record full of drones, textures and beautiful songwriting: old songs remade and new ones orchestrated on the spot by this new collaboration of old friends. The semi-improvised nature, live recording and playfulness of the album gives the record a real lightness and sense of unity, to the extent that the vinyl has been pressed without any track breaks at all, as it all just fits seamlessly together as a single piece of work.

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