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Single Review: Mark Ronson and The Business Intl – ‘Bang Bang Bang’

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Mark Ronson is back on the scene with his new record over the coming months appropriately titled Record Collection and with it comes his new project, The Business INTL, and the release of his first single from the album, Bang Bang Bang.

MarkRonsonBangBangBangAn 80’s synth infused toe tapper, the Brit award winning DJ and producer has called on the talents of rapper friend Q-Tip and vocalist MNDR to create a nice slice of synth happy pop. A progressive step from his previous jazzy singles and an appropriate move considering the success of the synth-pop influx lately, he proves that if something works then go with the flow.

Ronson’s last record was a collection of covers and proved to be the producers most successful release working with the likes of Daniel Merriweather, Lily Allen and of course who can forget the enormous single Valerie with Amy Winehouse.

For a venture outside of covers, Bang Bang Bang, which draws references and inspiration from French nursery rhyme Alouette, is a pretty decent single for Ronson. The melody is infectious and Q-tip’s rapping merged with MNDR’s boppy vocals mix well. There is no doubt that Bang Bang Bang will see this artist on the lips of everyone once again with the same effect of Version.