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Single Review: Edei – ‘In My Bed’

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Those who attended any of the 36 date 2009 Girls Aloud concerts will be familiar with Edie. She supported the UK’s leading girl group on tour last year and wowed the crowds.

EdeiInMyBedAs well as the national exposure of the tour she also has the backing of the production team responsible for the rise of international golden girl Joss Stone guiding her through it all. These factors have put the wheels in motion for the singer and along with having the natural talent and drive, have turned this treat of local produce into one of the UK’s next starlets. And what more to prove this than by releasing her debut single In My Bed.

Currently in the studio putting the finishing touches on her debut album which is to be released later this year, London girl Edei is a refreshing dollop of funk heavy pop with a beat and trumpet fueled soul vibe.

Having been perfecting her sound in the run up to her album release, Edie’s debut single In My Bed is a fantastic introduction to a girl we are about to see and hear a lot more of in this last half of the year.

A song about a cheating man, In My Bed is straight to the point. Both lyrically and musically the track is crisp, infectious and well written and there is no denying that she is one of the new brand of pop stars that can actually sing and these reasons alone are what makes In My Bed a memorable track that will no doubt be the singers first taste at a commercially successful hit.