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Live Review: Macy Gray – Wednesday 14th July 2010 – Leicester Square Theatre, London, UK

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With one of the most distinctive voices of any female in pop music Macy Gray is back with her latest album The Sellout which throws her back into the ring with the big guns. Absent from the scene for a couple of years but with singles like I Try along with Grammy award winning parent record On How Life Is, there’s no chance of forgetting this 6 foot diva.

Back with a stunning new record of seventies disco and RnB gems, Macy performed a trio of gigs at the intimate enclosure of London Leicester Square Theatre to showcase the album.

With the temperature at sweating point within the confines of the tiny and newly turned live music venue Macy came on stage at around 9.20 to an excited and eager audience.

With a band all fitted with Afro wigs to fit in with the leading lady of rasp, Macy entered the small, instrument crammed stage wearing a complimenting orange suit with multiple colored furry cuffs and 6 feet of bling opening the night with Kissed It from her latest record. A personal favorite on her new album it was also clearly a favorite with the rest of the crowd.

Followers That Man and Relating To A Psychopath, which was a pure funk fest, kept the well lubricated groove wheels in motion building the fever in the venue and starting to get people on their feet with the backing singers pulsating dips.

Macy looked stunning and her vocals were in top form. She was the essence of cool. She interacted with the crowd like a true entertainer, often referring to them as her sexy people. After her intro of the band who performed magnificently throughout the set she asked the audience to introduce themselves requesting everyone to shout their names all at once. She encouraged everyone to stand up and dance, clap and holler. One of the standout moments in the concert came with Oblivion. An almost circus like vibe took over the venue and with it came a sign holding poster boy with lyrics that were passed through the crowd after each line was sung in karaoke style. With everyone building up a sweat in the crowd, replicating the bands energetic moves it proved to be the most fun point of the night.

Along with the Macy Gray old and new numbers she also managed to squeeze in her own versions of some cult favorites including a sublime version of Radiohead’s Creep and a musical medley which included Dee-Lites Groove Is In The Heart, Scissor Sisters Laura and Rod Stewart’s Do You Think I’m Sexy which were flawlessly sealed to the end of The Id’s, Sexual Revolution, with true gusto.

The Sellouts lead single Lately was given a DJ plumping and brought the house down with the 2 backing singers strutting sexually with Macy around the stage who at this point had changed into a long colorful furry trimmed gown and looked incredible.

One of the most impressive elements of the gig was Macy’s band, particularly her 2 backing singers. Both were astounding vocalists who showcased themselves as much as Macy did herself but never stealing any of Grays thunder. They really worked the crowd into a frenzy with their provocative moves, suggestive struts and racy outfits but did so with nothing short of pure class.

Gray’s old material, but most notably her Grammy award winning debut, On How Life Is, was given the same exposure as The Sellout with Do Something, Why Didn’t You Call Me and Still receiving a fantastic reception with the latter being given a beat heavy reggae makeover.

The biggest applause and singalong came with Macy’s signature track I Try which put this soul sister on the musical map.

Macy proved that she is a true entertainer and despite having large breaks between her releases, is still more than capable of drawing in the crowds. Her latest record is her best since that incredible debut that is On How Life Is and last nights gig was a fun and energetic pump into live music.

Gray has still got it and we hope she is back for more gigs in the not too distant future because I for one will be front of the queue for tickets to see Macy again if last nights gig was anything to go by.

Set list:

Kissed it
That Man
Relating To A Psychopath
Glad You’re Here
Why Didnt You Call Me
Do Something
On and On
Sexual Revolution
I Try

Sweet Baby
The Sellout
Beauty In The World