Thu. Jun 8th, 2023

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Single Review: Mac Miller – ‘Party On Fifth Ave’

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Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller seems to have started his career off on the right foot. After a string of successful releases in his homeland of the United States the 20 year old has recently completed a sold out tour of the UK playing to venues packed with fans of the hip hop stars rhyming flavours.

MacMillerPartyPrior to the UK tour the musician completed work on his debut record Blue Slide Park which saw its release in the US back in late 2011. Now it’s the UK’s turn as we are gently warmed up to the stars latest attempt to crack the international market with the camp and and foot tapping single, Party On Fifth Ave.

The single is a bit of a drowsy release for Miller who, despite sounding tight on the occasional rap licking within the track, doesn’t quite hit the mark in terms of creating a memorable single to stir up enough interest to mark this rapper as one to watch. He voice has an almost boy band appeal to it so we aren’t quite convinced that the genre is where Mac Miller is best placed. The track will sound familiar to many, perhaps not so much to the younger fans the star seems to be recruiting in large volumes, as it borrows a heavy sample from the 1996 DJ Kool track, Let Me Clear My Throat coating the single with a horn heavy nostalgia.

The track is a busy number with lots going on behind the stars vocals in terms of instrumentation so there is a lot to listen out for and to be entertained by. The shame about the track is that, like the vast majority of releases within the rap and hip hop genres, we have heard it all before. Lyrically the track doesn’t do much for us as it lacks in memorability and originality with Mac Miller not really being able to pull off the rap image.