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Single Review: Lloyd feat. Andre 3000 – ‘Dedication To My Ex (Miss That)’

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Enlisting the slick rap genius of Outkast’s Andre 3000, American R&B star Lloyd’s latest single is as X-rated as they come, so much so that its hard to believe one would be able to hear the song on any radio station out there – or TV channel for that matter given the saucy video that accompanies the singles release. After all the casual use and editing of the ‘P’ word would render the song unlistenable as half of the track would have to be cut due to its constant use of profanity. But it’s the lyrical freedom that the track is drenched in that makes Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) such a brilliant number and makes you want to press play as soon as its four minutes draws to a close.

LloydDedicationToMyExPutting the lyrical content to one side Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) is a great track for Lloyd and the addition of both Andre 3000 and Lil Wayne, two icons in the industry, is a selling point in itself. Lil Wayne begins the number with a softly spoken narration before the track begins to pump its way in to full swing with a kicking backdrop of horns and Lloyd’s well crafted vocal style that suits the big band instrumentation that the single has been cast over perfectly.

The track is coated with a long list of catchy hooks and some satirical lines including “Your p**** done changed, it ain’t the same girl and that’s a shame” opening the doors to a new level of musical freedom.

With the help of Andre 3000’s smooth rap lickings and hilarious appearance in the form of a cat in the video for the single, Dedication To My Ex (Miss That) is set to be one of the years best single releases and one to welcome Lloyd’s into the international, mainstream arena.