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Single Review: Jess Hall Band – ‘Play Shy’

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It’s always nice to come across a band or a release that instantly makes you smile from the get go and I found that recently with the stunning new EP from Swindon newcomers Jess Hall Band.

Jess Hall BandConsisting of Jess Hall, Andy Vincent, Stef Pysanczyn and Alex Stone the four-piece are gearing up for the release of their debut EP which is set to be let loose on the public on 5th December. It goes by the name of Play Shy and within the cute record style disc we are offered three tracks from the band that act as a superb introduction to what this collective have to offer.

The title track is the opening number and it eases us in gently to the laid back and semi acoustic sounds of Hall and co. The tenderness that comes from front woman Hall’s vocals, which are cast eloquently over a backdrop of clapping, finger clicking and a gently strum guitar, create an almost nostalgic and atmospheric feel to the track. Aside from the crisp vocals  and the use of minimalistic instrumentation which proves that less is definitely more here it’s the string arrangement that forms the tracks subtle framework and raises the hairs on all parts of the body as it sits almost like a shy onlooker while resonating gorgeously as it steals the show.

Harmonies are offered by the bucket-load throughout Grace. A progressive guitar led addition to the EP the number is vivid in its storytelling and musically thorough as it swings through just shy of four minutes of swaying melodies with Hall’s almost country tinged vocals reigning over the track, hitting numerous, impressive peaks throughout. Her band also provide some syrupy backing vocals that offer some moving and notable moments on the EP.

Ending the trio we are presented with Let It Be Known and this one sees Hall sharing the vocals with her band mates more so than on the previous two tracks and the harmonies that the band create are nothing short of sublime as the track takes on a softer and more around-the-beachfire feel to it along with affectionate lyrics like “Can I be your anchor when your boat is upside down”.

Without an ounce of doubt Play Shy is the best EP release of 2011 and we can’t wait to catch this band live someday to hear these tracks in a live setting.