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Album Review: Lissie – Catching A Tiger

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Catching A Tiger is the remarkable debut album for American folk/rock songbird Lissie released in the UK on July 21st.

Condensed into 12 incredible tracks Catching a Tiger is one of the best debuts to be released so far this year and without a doubt the best in the folk genre for the past couple. Equipped with a smokey set of vocal chords with an uncanny similarity to Fleetwood Mac legend Stevie Nicks, the Illinois bluesy starlet showcases on the record the best and most creatively inspiring folk numbers to be heard in some time.

LissieCatchingATigerOpening number Record Collector is a light and atmospheric track with a backdrop of pots and pans sound effects effectively introducing its listener into the carefree proceedings of what’s to come.

When I’m Alone is the album standout. The first time you hear this one you will fall in love with not only the hook heavy chorus but also the soul grabbing tenderness of the song. It’s the centerpiece of the record for which all others surrounding it are compared.

In Sleep is a desert highway inspired highlight that proves to be one of the albums catchier inclusions. One for the road trippers.

Loosen The Knot is an energetic and acoustically brilliant track echoing pop rock rhythms over a memorable and radio friendly structure. The song comes a close second to When I’m Alone in terms of the greats on the record. Both tracks have the prominent hooks that a song and album needs to sustain the constant swaying of public taste.

The first half of the album provides the core of what Catching A Tiger offers and although the latter half of the record declines slightly the savior which gives the record its final lift is the Ed Harcourt penned Oh Mississippi. With its Eva Cassidy emotive similarities the track is a genuine and vulnerable ballad leaving us on a reflective yet strangely melancholic high.

There are no prominent fillers on the album. Lissie’s ability to create and develop truly remarkable pop gems seems to be something that comes naturally to the singer.

Catching A Tiger is as good a debut as your gonna get these days. When it’s great it’s amazing and even when it lacks that certain something, it still ticks most of the boxes. An album well worth every penny.

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