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Album Review: Semi Precious Weapons – You Love You

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New York glam rockers Semi Precious Weapons commit to the mainstream with their new record You Love You which has been released this week. Packing a rhinestone gloved punch the album is shimmering garage glam and dirty rock by the bucketful.

SemiPreciousWeaponsYouLoveYouThe band are swiftly making the rise from obscurity to household name with their brand of eccentric, camp rock which caught the ear of pop princess Lady Gaga who immediately promoted the band to support act on her worldwide Monster Ball Tour. Set to span almost two years the tour has proven to be the pinnacle for the band in terms of exposure and an opportunity that has undoubtedly helped with the foursomes success over the past few months.

You Love You is the glam quartets first major release since 2008’s less polished debut We Love You.You Love You is also the first release on Gaga’s label Haus of Gaga with the lady herself being in the executive producers seat for the record.

The album is unfortunately a bit of a mixed bag for such a highly anticipated release. There are some pretty powerful moments on the record that stand on their own as well crafted glossy numbers but the skippable tracks also come in equal measures.

Some of the notables on the record include the in your face Rock N Roll Never Looked So Beautiful with an extensive and rather impressive guitar solo and the 1980’s inspired power ballad Leave Your Pretty To Me. Both are solid additions with the latter featuring new friend, Gaga.

Put A Diamond In It is another catchy hardcore glitz number that could be successful as a band single with its alternative radio friendly approach and commercial rock durability and of course the bands signature hit Semi Precious Weapons with its exuberant “I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous” proclamations of front-man Justin Tranter.

Some of the less loveable additions are seen with the dull Statues Of Ourselves which leaves you waiting for the hook that never seems to come making this the most forgettable track on the record.

Look At Me is an intimate and frank track oozing sexual empowerment but gives the feeling that the band are trying too hard at pushing boundaries and instead of sounding genuinely exposing, it simply makes the song seem rather counterfeit.

Semi Precious Weapons are a new force in the world of glam rock and there is something appealing about the image of rebellion and eccentricity and although You Love You has its moments it doesn’t quite get to the zenith of being a future classic.

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