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Single Review: Kelly Paige – ‘Hurt Like Me’

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This Monday sees the release of a truly exciting single. Kelly Paige is her name and passionately expressed musical storytelling is her game and the proof is in the pudding with the Nashville born starlets debut single, Hurt Like Me.

KellyPaigeHurtLikeMeWith a voice to die for and rather reminiscent of the late and great Amy Winehouse with a sturdy kick of country goodness Hurt Like Me is a soulful and bitter record that oozes emotion and is overflowing with genuine talent. The single tells of the singers pain at the hands of a cheating man and her enforcement of the same pain to the man that has done her wrong. True life? Perhaps. Either way this new lady of country-soul packs one hell of a punch as she twists her way through the track in scornful detail and with nothing short of true conviction.

Not only is this track brimming with catchy hooks and a memorable melody but Kelly’s vocals on Hurt Like Me are what really pulls you in and refuses to let you go. Each note is given as much attention as the one before in its precision, texture and crisp delivery.

The subtle twang of country has become more and more popular of late over here in the UK with the likes of Taylor Swift, Toby Keith and Brad Paisley all making ripples on the UK charts but whats different about Kelly Paige is the fact that her passion and drive lay in the roots of the genre and her sound isn’t clouded in the slightest by the over produced pop production heard in many of today’s crossover artists. Kelly is the real deal.

With an album in the works and this latest single gearing up for release, Kelly Paige is on her way to becoming one of 2012’s next big names and we can’t wait for this star to rise.