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Interview: Tunde Baiyewu

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We spoke with the amazing @Tunde_Baiyewu of Lighthouse Family about his upcoming tour, career and current solo plans...

During the nineties, as Britpop giants Oasis and Blur fought it out and the rise of pop acts including Spice Girls, All Saints and 5ive dominated the charts, Tunde Baiyewu and Paul Tucker – otherwise known as Lighthouse Family – spotted a hole in the market and quickly found their place in the bustling musical landscape with a string of laidback, easy listening hits.

Over the course of several years, Lighthouse Family enjoyed remarkable success thanks to singles including Ocean Drive, Lifted and High; establishing themselves as one of the most successful British exports of the 90’s. After the release of 2001’s Whatever Gets You Through the Day, the band went on a lengthy hiatus, releasing only one more album together in the form of 2019’s Blue Sky in Your Head. During that time, however frontman Baiyewu sought a solo career, releasing two studio records – 2004’s Tunde and 2013’s Diamond in a Rock.

Baiyewu is back in the studio working on a brand new collection of songs inspired by songwriters of the 70’s and we had the great pleasure of jumping on a video call with the iconic smooth crooner to talk about his latest project as well as his career with Lighthouse Family and moments that have made the musician realise the impact he has had on his fans as well as his upcoming tour. Here is what Tunde had to tell us….