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Interview: Scouting For Girls

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We chat with pop trio @Scouting4Girls about their upcoming appearance at @nbhdweekender ....

SFG 2022

As the festival season for 2022 finally starts to kick off, bands are lining up to play at some of the best and biggest outdoor festival slots for fans that have had to wait two years for the return of live music. The end of May brings us one of the hottest tickets in town – Neighbourhood Weekender 2022. With a solid line-up that includes Becky Hill, Razorlight, Kasabian and rock heavyweights, Manic Street Preachers, May 28-29 promises to be one hell of a weekend.

Included in the stellar line-up is English pop trip, Scouting For Girls. No stranger to the festival circuit, the outfit will be performing on the opening Saturday and we managed to steal some of the bands time ahead of the weekend to chat about the festival, their career and what 2022 will bring for the band. Here’s what they had to tell us…

Brendon Veevers: How are you all doing today and where does this interview find the band?

Scouting for Girls: We’re all good, and just getting ready to get back on the road for a full summer of festivals and a tour at the end of the year, that’s on sale now! But right at this moment I’m in my pants at home answering these questions, with homes under the hammer on pause.

BV: The world is finally coming out of a very dark period where COVID put a stop to many things, including the music industry which was affected heavily for 2 solid years. How did you all navigate the last 2 years? Were you still working on projects and keeping in touch?

SCF: We did all keep in touch. It was really tough for everyone in the business but it all seems to be bouncing back now. We did a few gigs in car parks for Tom Kerridge who was brilliant for our industry during lockdown. We did a few zoom gigs, and I never want to do an online pub quiz ever again!

BV: Live shows are now back on track and everyone is loving going back to venues to see their favourite bands perform. What did you miss the most about doing what you do during the pandemic?

SCF: Live is really what we enjoy the most, so just getting back to performing to people is an great feeling. But I’m going to have to say catering! I’m a terrible cook and some of the food at these festivals are amazing!!! I hear the Neighbourhood Weekender does a mean Croquembouche!

BV: You are penciled in to perform at the Neighbourhood Weekender Festival at the end of May. What do you enjoy the most about performing at festivals and how do they compare to performing your own headline shows?

SCF: The thing we enjoy most about festivals is that it’s one big party in the sun with your mates and we’ve always treated them like that. The tour (which is on sale now) is just an extension of that.

BV: Outside of delivering your own slot at the festival, is there anyone on the line-up you are keen to see while you are there, or perhaps even meet?

SCF: We’ve actually played with a lot of the acts before. Manics are always great, same with the Courteeners. I really like Blossoms too. I’ll just wander around and check out who’s playing (if I’m not in catering).

BV: Many well-established artists have gone on to create festivals of their own. If Scouting For Girls were to create your own festival, what acts would we expect to see perform? Who would be your ideal main stage line-up?

SCF: Definitely the Hoosiers! They owe us a favour!! Us headlining as it pays the best! To be honest I struggle to find socks that match in the mornings, let alone put on a festival for thousands of people! I think we’ll leave it to the pro’s!

BV: If fans miss you at Neighbourhood Weekender they will get more opportunities to see you as you are heading out on a Best Of tour around the UK in November and December. What can you tell us about these shows?

SCF: Yes we’re everywhere this summer. They say you’re only ever 200 feet away from a rat! The same applies to a scouting gig! The tours on sale now for November and December around the uk.

BV: And you will also be performing at a huge number of other festivals this year too, right?

SCF: Yep we are somewhere every weekend from may until September! It’s like we have a summer weekend job! If there’s a field with a festival near you this summer, I expect we’ll be playing it.

BV: Having had such a successful career for over 15 years now, when you look back on your achievements together, what are the moments that stand out for you the most?

SCF: I think just having a 15 year career stands out for us. We feel so lucky to still be doing all these festivals and selling out our tours (on sale now) after all this time. Being nominated 3 times for a Brit award will always stand out. It’s just nice to be nominated for these sort of things and we’re not bitter about not winning! Also other stand out moments, this interview, Neighbourhood weekender festival (when we play it) and opening up for Mr Tumble!

BV: Last year you released a covers album call Easy Cover. What was the drive behind releasing a record of 80’s covers?

SCF: Covid/skint!

BV: When you release music these days, do you feel the same pressure to replicate your previous successes in the charts or is releasing new music more of a relaxed process these days?

SCF: There’s always a little pressure! But that’s just on yourselves to make something that you are proud of and that you hope your fans will be. But because we’ve been about so long now we’ve got a more relaxed approach.

BV: And finally, in terms of new music – what is on the horizon for fans to keep their ears out for?

SCF: We’re always working on music and with this tour (on sale now) coming up we’ve got some things in the pipeline.

Neighbourhood Weekender takes place on May 28 and 29 and tickets can be purchased HERE