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Interview: Daniel Powter

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Canadian singer-songwriter Daniel Powter first shot to international stardom with his huge number one single Bad Day way back in 2005. Giving Powter the first taste of worldwide recognition the singer found himself dissatisfied with his new-found success and over the years that followed the star produced only one record, 2008’s Under The Radar.

Daniel Powter

Four years on from Under The Radar Daniel Powter has this week released his brand new album Turn On The Lights which sees the singer-songwriter back on top form and penning some of pops most delicious numbers as we have heard so far on the records lead single, Cupid. Over in the UK recently to promote the long awaited new album, Daniel sat down with Brendon to talk about what he has been up to over the 4 year hiatus and what the new record is all about.

[youtube id=”iITPdNXWkx4″ width=”620″ height=”360″]

Daniel Powter’s new album Turn On The Lights is out now.

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