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Interview: Dami Im

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Today is a very important day for Dami Im. Not only is the star celebrating her 25th Birthday but she is also celebrating the release of Heart Beats, the talented songbirds brand new album which hits stores today.

Dami Im has become a household name throughout Australia ever since being being crowned the winner of the X Factor Australia in 2013. Soon after her crowning the singer released her very first record containing the songs that she had performed during her time on the reality show where she was mentored by pop superstar Dannii Minogue. It is, however, over the past year that Dami has really come into her own, releasing songs that she has helped co-write and mould to make her own and songs that truly represent the singer as an artist outside of the show that made her famous.

Brendon And Dami Im

In the lead up to the release of Heart Beats, Dami has released two of the years biggest and boldest singles – Super Love and Gladiator, both Top 20 hits for the singer. She has also returned to the X Factor stage to perform the tracks as this years contestants go through the judging rounds.

This afternoon, as Dami celebrated her birthday with her Sony Music family and celebrated the release of her sophomore studio album, we had a chat with her to talk about the new collection, touring plans, her time on X Factor Australia and the challenges she came up against during the creative process of Heart Beats. Here is what Dami had to tell us…

[youtube id=”kGRmTbYy-fg” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Dami Im’s new album Heart Beats is out today.

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3 thoughts on “Interview: Dami Im

  1. It is always such a pleasure to see Dami Im being interviewed. Thank you Brendon Veevers. The questions drew out many of Dami’s personal feelings as she continues on her journey as a Mega Star. Life certainly has changed for her since first appearing as a contestant on X Factor last year and it is a huge adjustment to be living constantly in the public eye. I loved the insights into the heartfelt emotion and personal input Dami shared in the production of her sensational new album Hearts Beats. Sending my own heartfelt wishes to Dami for continued success and happiness!

  2. Thank you, thank you very Brendon, for giving us an interview with Dami. I find so interesting the thoughts of a young shy lady, having to discover herself with every interview . I an old man of 73, was re introduced to Pop music through Dami’s journey of the X Factor and I stayed around to see the result, of Dami’s possibilities in the Music Industry, as in my opinion she does have the talent to succeed, and interviews such yours it does makes it a tiny bit easier. So I thanks again. Have a lovely day.

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