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Interview: Boyz II Men

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Officially the most successful male R’n’B group in history with record sales in excess of 60 million there is very little that Boyz II Men haven’t achieved.

Emerging from Philadelphia’s hip hop scene in the early nineties, records like Cooleyhighharmony, II and Evolution helped change the face of R’n’B and made Boyz II Men international superstars. In their twenty years together the group have found success the world over with singles including End Of The Road and I’ll Make Love To You which spent 14 and 13 weeks respectively in the number one spot on the US Billboard Top 100 charts. One Sweet Day, their iconic duet with superstar Mariah Carey, is currently the record holder on the US Billboard Top 100 chart with an impressive 16 weeks at number one.

Boyz II Men

With twenty years of hits under their belts the group have recently released a 20th Anniversary album entitled just that, Twenty. Hitting the road to promote the collection Brendon caught up with Boyz II Men to talk about the group’s new record, their impressive career and achievements and a star on a certain LA sidewalk. Here’s what the Boyz had to say.

[youtube id=”MYlhLgXiATM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Boyz II Men’s new album Twenty is out now