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Single Review: Iggy Azalea – ‘Bounce’

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Iggy Azalea has been getting a lot of hype recently, and by ‘hype’, I mean HYPE. The Australian born rapper has barely been out of the 2013 music press’ pages since the new year began, and after the success of her first single since signing to major label Island Def Jam, Work, this girl has been blowing up internationally.

iggyazalea bounceOf course, ‘hype’ can be either completely justified or overdone, and at the moment, it still seems too early to tell in regards to Azalea, especially prior to the release of her début album, The New Classic. Already an international muse of the fashion land due to her attention grabbing attire, the rapper is set to break into the mainstream with her next single, Bounce. The song is easily the most radio-friendly release yet (cue some minor pre-watershed bleepage here and there), managing to sound like Ke$ha, Kid Sister, and even smidgeon of Missy Elliot all at once whilst emitting a catchy house vibe.

Upon first listens, Bounce may appear to be a song some listeners would rather give a miss, however the urge to return to it grows. Bounce is a song that belongs in a club, largely for two reasons. One: The song is definitely not a lyrical masterpiece, though I doubt that that was what Azalea herself was aiming for. And second: It does what it sets out to achieve – it makes people dance. This song is made for the club, with its exotic, addictive beat and punchy rhythm, Azalea coerces the listener into getting off their seats and taking to the floor with the words; ‘I see you watching my hips – crazy! Move your body like Swayze – round and round, shake it, break it, make it bounce!’ This could easily be the party anthem for summer 2013!