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Single Review: Jessie J – ‘Wild’

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Since Jessie J first emerged into the public consciousness in late 2010 with her ballsy tune Do It Like A Dude (written with Rihanna in mind) she has repeatedly blown up in stratospheric proportions, with each commercial achievement outdoing the previous. Multiple single chart success? Check. Judge for the UK version of singing competition, The Voice? Check. Massive international fan-base? Check! And that was all just off the back of her first album, 2011’s Who You Are. Now we’re onto album two, and Jessie J certainly has a lot to live up to; will she manage?

jj wild

The first single to be revealed from said undisclosed album is Wild, featuring Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal, and it is a dirty dance-floor stomper of a tune. Wild is most reminiscent of Do It Like A Dude when it comes to the essence of the song, with the singer spitting the lyrics (‘If I go hard, let me tell you that it’s worth it, played the right cards I-I ain’t afraid to work it. Brush em right off when they say I don’t deserve it, hand to my heart you-you keep my fire burning’) at the listener with almost venomous attitude, before the music gives way to the euphoric chorus where her vocal is as impressive as ever.

Elsewhere, the features on the Wild aren’t nearly as good, in fact Big Sean’s is borderline painful, quote: ‘Today, I woke up feeling the mayor, spent about an hour looking in the mirror, as I should, as much as I been through, it’s a wonder I look this damn good’. See what I mean? He also manages to drop the phrase ‘fish dinner’, which in my opinion, – however cringe-worthy – is a rather impressive feat. In comparison, Dizzee’s verse isn’t anywhere as horrific, and it is a welcome return to the spotlight after his sabbatical of recent years.

So, after all that, is Wild a hit? Of course it is. Ch-ch-ch-ch-check it out!