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Single Review: Heathers – ‘Slices Of Palama’

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Having earlier reviewed the Heathers debut record Here Not There several months ago I was hesitant to take on another round of Irish nasal sister folk. Here Not There proved to be a record one could only take in minor doses. As the sisters gear up for the release of the albums second single I knew what I was getting myself in-store for when being sent Slices Of Palama to review.

HeathersSlicesOfPanamaHoping that my liking for the duo would have swayed closer toward the positive after a break from the record I took on the single and gave it a whirl with an optimistic approach and clean slate.

Unfortunately with Slices Of Palama my opinion is too far cemented into the dislike for the music the pair create to budge. Lyrically and musically it’s a well written piece of folk pop, however, when the pair jump into the single in vocal unison the willingness to listen drops instantaneously with the reliance of both voices on one another bordering on irritating.

Though the guitar work on Slices Of Palama is impressive with a quick paced delivery, the vocals of the pair tend to grate a little too harshly for the single to develop into one worth a second listen.

If sung by another artist Slices Of Palama could have lived a nice life. Remove the vocals and you have yourself a fantastic melody that is set over a gorgeous cello filled backdrop giving the single a melancholic touch but unfortunately that is easier said than done and rather than being a track that does the Heathers any justice, Slices Of Palama turns out to be a release for the record store bargain bins.