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EP Review: We Are Carnivores – Tex-Mexiconomy

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Nottingham-based newcomers, We Are Carnivoreshave made a welcome return with a new EP following last year’s debut, So Distasteful. Self-recorded and produced with a single microphone in the comfort of a bedroom, this second EP, titled Tex-Mexiconomy, is a rough sample of their sound, dubbed alternative ‘math-rock’. The vocals on this EP, however, do have strong leanings towards pop-punk and when paired with heavier percussion, result in a mergence of genres.

We Are Carnivores Tex-MexiconomyThe EP kicks off with Checkout Girl, an unusual yet intriguing tune. It starts loud with a catchy guitar hook and melodic vocals, though it takes a couple of minutes for the band to really find their feet, having to overcome a somewhat unresolved breakdown mid-way through. Eventually all the parts in this track do come together, but is still feels a little incomplete, more like a demo track than one fit for release.

The second song, Quick Question Can’t Stay Long, has more of an impact, with a tight chorus and far more accomplished overall sound. However, it is followed by another slightly difficult track, Crouching Tiger Hidden Spider. Some time signature trickery makes this one a little hard to wrap your head around, however, the complex structure does show an interesting and forward thinking approach to song writing.

T.O.W.I.C.S was the first single released for this EP. The accompanying video captures the fun and energy in We Are Carnivores’ live performance, and this also translates onto the recording. In both this track and the slower tempo Iron Me, frontman Harry Christopher’s vocals sound far more accomplished and powerful than they did in the previous few songs. Iron Me takes Tex-Mexiconomy in a different direction, stripped back at first to only guitar and vocals. However it gradually builds to an emotional climax with screaming vocals and intense guitar distortion, which make it stand out as one of the more interesting tracks off this EP.

Are We Allowed To Just Live? unfortunately returns to the rough pop-punk vibe, which ends up sounding a bit dated. Much like the opening track, this conclusion feels under produced and lacking in impact.

As they’ve only been releasing music for a short while and self-produced this EP, it is understandable that We Are Carnivores sound very new to the scene. However, they definitely have the potential to create a debut full-length album that’s worthy of some attention. It will be interesting to see what they eventually come up with.