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EP Review: Troye Sivan – WILD

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After taking the world by storm with the amazing synth-pop of his debut EP TRXYE, it comes as no surprise that Troye Sivan’s follow-up WILD is stylistically very similar; at the same time, it’s also an improvement on the formula. As a taste of his upcoming full length album, it’s definitely reassuring: It’s removed any doubts that may have existed about Sivan’s abilities. He’s not your regular YouTube musician.

Troye Sivan WILDSivan does expand on his sound on WILD, with the stuttering trap beats of Touch and Gasoline from his first EP being expanded upon. FOOLS is still light on the beat in general, but the lone piano intro leading into the stuttering beats and warm wah-wah synths feels distinct from the earlier songs. BITE focuses more on the trap beat, but the continued use of live piano in the song is what makes it a stand-out.

The EP’s strongest material appears in its second half. The pounding beat of EASE mixed with the use of piano and glockenspiel in the chorus makes for something both sentimental and decently energetic at the same time, with the vocal half of guest stars BROODS making a beautiful counter to Sivan’s warm vocals. The disjointed beat of THE QUIET is the most instantly engaging moment on the album again, especially as it leads to the frantic synths of the pre-chorus and moves into the bright, ethereal chorus.

In short, WILD is more of what you would expect from Sivan. It’s a quality collection of synth-pop, and he’s got a good head for lyrics and a gorgeous set of pipes to back it up. The similarities between the EPs are obvious though; some experimentation wouldn’t hold him back, but it’s a small gripe. As a stand-alone release, WILD is highly enjoyable and a reaffirmation of Sivan’s amazing talents.