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Album Review: Nerina Pallot – The Sound And The Fury

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Nerina Pallot has an impressive CV. She’s been nominated for a Brit Award in 2007 for Best British Female, and she has written songs for the likes of Kylie Minogue and Diana Vickers. Across her four studio albums and array of EP’s the world has gotten to know and love her beautiful voice, but little did we know there was an edgier side to Pallot we haven’t really seen. Her new album The Sound And The Fury shows us an earthier side to the singer, the sound she is renowned for has been put on the shelf in favour of something new.

Nerina Pallot - The Sound And The FuryThe change up becomes apparent with powerful opener There Is A Drum, the beat drums persistently and Pallot’s bluesy vocal drives the track well. Rousseau has a more airy approach, but soon the grit returns for the snappy If I Had A Girl. Nerina has never sounded so raw, with piano ballads as emotional as Handle you get to appreciate what she can do with that voice of hers. Lead single The Road is an interesting listen, a strange single choice too, but its different elements really come together and create something unique. The acoustic guitar and luscious vocal work delivers Blessed, and closing track Longest Memory continues the downtime with its smooth atmosphere.

Just when you thought that Nerina Pallot couldn’t get any better or diversify her sound, you thought wrong. The Sound And The Fury is gritty and wondrous, soulful yet humble and emotional but stable. You can hear influences of blues, pop and rock, and Pallot hasn’t lost her singer/songwriter Midas touch; the album flowed quite well, each song sounded like it belonged. Nerina sure is a talent and deserves the recognition she has received: The Soul And The Fury is surely one of her stand out albums.