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EP Review: The Prodigy – The Night Is My Friend

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It was only a few months ago, back in March, that The Prodigy released their sixth studio album The Day Is My Enemy.


Now we’re given an inverse release (see the cover for confirmation) in the form of a punchy new EP, The Night Is My Friend, which essentially contains remixes of five of the album tracks.

Get Your Fight On (Re Eq) embodies the British EDM group from the outset with its intensity, heaviness, and aggressive delivery of the title phrase to create some serious attitude. AWOL (Strike One) hits pretty hard in the vocals and lays down a hardstyle vibe.

Flux Pavilion lends his pulsing energy to Rhythm Bomb and Rene LaVice’s Start A Fucking Riot Remix of Rebel Radio starts with an amelodical riff that leads into a frenetic track that is kinda all over the place.

The Day Is My Enemy (Caspa Remix) finishes things off but it’s probably the least memorable track on the EP.

Overall it’s a fast and frenzied listen that’s sort of like a bonus package in addition to the album.