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Film Review – Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation

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Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt in the fifth instalment of the immensely popular franchise Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation.

After enduring being framed for murder in Prague, preventing the release of deadly virus in Sydney, stopping the death of his wife in Vatican City and impeding the start of a global nuclear war in the Dubai, Cruise is back in his iconic role as IMF agent, Ethan Hunt, determined to neutralise the threat of an international rogue organisation known as the Syndicate, a clandestine group who are determined to initiate terrorist attacks on the world, as well as the IMF.

As Hunt, Cruise is consistently intense, aggressive and a bonafide action star. Cruise is thrillingly real as a spy and makes the espionage world feel plausible. As with every chapter in the series, Rogue Nation employs a new female lead, this time in the scene-stealing Rebecca Ferguson as the illusive Ilsa Faust. She’s cunning, deceptive and ready to take off those high heels and run across the State Opera House in Vienna, certifying Ferguson’s Ilsa as clever and logical female action star. Returning franchise regular Jeremy Renner and Ving Rhames are impeccable in the team dynamics, as well as Simon Pegg’s hilarious and wacky Benji.

Mission Impossible Rogue Inserted Image

What is so refreshing and distinctive about the Mission: Impossible series is that it ignores the need to be exploitative by using modern tropes of gruelling paranormal and sci-fi themes and exhaustive 3-D effects. In our growing technological world, the missions of Ethan Hunt, dealing with terrorist attacks and preventing political destruction could almost seem realistic – of course, the countless action scenes, constant destruction of vehicles and significantly advance spy technology would be up for discussion. To further the realistic nature of the film, Cruise has consistently performed his own stunts in the franchise and this time around, he is strapped to side of an Airbus A400M plane as it lifts off into the air. It’s moments like these that it in a heightened reality, Ethan Hunt’s life may be possible – no pun intended.

Spanning two decades, the Mission: Impossible series consistently excels in new and innovating storylines and action sequences, changing destinations each time round. This might have to do with the constant change of writers and directors that keep the creativity alive and operational, a prominent formula that has been effective so far. Naturally, with the recurring political and espionage themes employed in each instalment, Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation isn’t exactly mind-blowing and imaginative. However, what makes the series hugely popular and successful in the box-office is its endless ability to entertain audiences.

In routine manner, Rogue Nation converses on the notion that this chapter of the series will be the last mission for Hunt and the team, however, with the consistently exceptional storylines and engaging action scenes present, it is without a doubt that it will not be long till Ethan Hunt returns to conquer his next mission.

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