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EP Review: Tess Henley – Wonderland EP

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American singer/songwriter Tess Henley has a beautiful and soulful voice, and a knack for playing piano, and it is because of her pure talent that won her the Guitar Center’s Singer-Songwriter Program; not long after meeting Grammy award winning producer Don Was, Tess’ dreams of releasing a life changing project were about to come true. The emerging singer’s debut EP, the Wonderland EP, is upon us and consists of a ‘dream team’ of musicians compiled by Don; it is said to successfully capture the soulful and emotional tone of Henley’s voice and music.

Tess Henley Wonderland EPWonderland introduces the EP on a wonderful note, its smooth and subtle beat really creates this laid back vibe you thought you could only dream of hearing; Henley’s vocal takes you to places you may have never been before now, she truly has a gorgeous voice. Positively Me begins with an energy that makes way for a focused verse, the chorus is addictive and its positivity rubs off on you also; the arrangement of Boomerang proves to be subtle as well, but we still hear different sounds and tones come into play, and that is what’s so refreshing about this EP. Steady Bound is beautiful and wonderfully delivered, its strings really create an ambient warmth that breathes life into the track, not to mention Henley’s predictably luscious melody.

Tess Henley truly is a talent, and her Wonderland EP perfectly backs that statement; her voice is smooth and attractive, and her music carries you away and touches your soul. Four is sustainable number of tracks that are enough to make up an EP release, but you end up disappointed that there weren’t anymore songs; when you feel this way about a release, the artist has generally done something right, in Tess’s case we definitely can’t wait for more! It’ll be interesting to hear what else Tess Henley has in store for us in the future, her Wonderland EP was stunning.