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EP Review: Say Lou Lou – Better In The Dark

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Say Lou Lou. Go on, say it? You may as well begin now, for come this time next year it will no doubt be a name that has worn your lips down with the amount of time that it has graced your mouth.

SayLouLouBetterInTheDarkBelovedWith grooves sharper than their chiselled cheekbones, the sisterly songstresses known in day to day life as Elektra and Miranda Kilby craft their self-coined ‘dream wave’ songs around tales of love and longing. Previously known as Saint Lou Lou, the Swedish-Australian duo’s meteoric rise over the past year into the hotly tipped ‘next big thing’ can be pinned onto their richly textured and emotive electronic music, the kind that entices you into its warm embrace when you have spent too many hours in the cold and damp outdoors.

Their latest release, the Better In The Dark EP, is equally as intoxicating; the title track is a delicious slice of astute electro-pop pie, whilst on the flip side Beloved is a more subtle affair, an almost soothing wave of sound that manages to straddle the fence between pop-anthem and bittersweet love song.

The two singles ooze class and elegance much like the sisters themselves, and with a trio of remixes included on the EP – both of the standard club variety as well as more experimental efforts – the EP is definitely going to be a hit in both mainstream and more niche circuits, after all, why not be one or the other when you can succeed in both?