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EP Review: Max Frost – ‘Intoxication’

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Max Frost, an eclectic and talented musician – originally just a university student dreaming about making his own music – brings a unique sound to this simply stunning EP, Intoxication. With a strong background in blues and soul, Frost explores these elements in a somewhat dark mix of songs that sound a little too tortured and refined to be really classified as folk or alternative.

Max Frost IntoxicationSome artists need a whole album to tell their story and sell the vibe they’re going for whereas Max Frost does this in the first song. Withdrawal starts slow and sweet: it has a simple beat with almost metallic sounding drums, and although they catch your ear at first, it’s Frost’s vocals that do all the hard work in the beginning, creating an atmosphere some can only dream of.

The highlight of Intoxication lies in $Dreams, which is weird – but in the best possible way – from the first second. It is a clash of different sounds and elements that have the soul of James Brown and the edge of early 2Pac. It’s the type of song that you literally can’t sit still too, which makes it quite different to the rest of the tracks on the EP. Although each track has a strong beat, that you can’t not bop to, $Dreams isn’t as dark as the rest. It’s fun and catchy and makes you want to celebrate, even when there’s nothing to celebrate.

Each song on Intoxication lives up to the EP title, as they are essentially the feeling of being under the influence of people, of love and of happiness. So much so in fact that one can keep repeating the tracks to feel it all again.