Thu. Apr 25th, 2024

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EP Review: Colbie Caillat – Gypsy Heart Side A

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US singing/songwriting sweetheart Colbie Caillat has been teasing her fans with a new album to be released this year some time, but in the meantime she’s surprised us with an EP to keep the flame fed; Gypsy Heart Side A. The EP doesn’t feature the album’s leading single Hold On, but that certainly isn’t anything to cry over, you should be thankful that Colbie is keeping your bubbly love sustained.

Colbie Caillat - Gypsy Heart Side APunchy opener Live It Up cements Caillat’s place in pop music, the beat is strong and the melody carries her sensational voice with ease and has lyrical purpose to inspire; Blaze is more like your fun and poppy anthem to drinking and having an unforgettable night with your mates, the hook lingers in your head. Working with Taylor Swift would surely rub off on you, If You Love Me Let Me Go is the EP’s love-gone-wrong pop ballad, the drama in the chorus emphasised with accompanying voices in the background with a consistent beat. Colbie lyrically inspires once again with Try, a softer side to the release where you hear the rawness in her voice as she pleads you not to try to impress others and to just be yourself. Never Gonna Let You Down wasn’t a disappointment, it has a clap-along chorus with a great melody; a lighter and more reassuring note was a great way to end the EP.

Colbie Caillat’s Gypsy Heart Side A is overall a decent listen, Colbie’s voice was a token to be serenaded by and she has managed to put together a pop EP that isn’t overkill. Each song was catchy in their own way, all falling in the pop genre but each had their own sound that differentiated from each other, whilst still complimenting the release as a whole. If Gypsy Heart Side A is the warm up to the album release, then we’re in for something special.