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Single Review: Elton John and Leon Russell – ‘If It Wasn’t For Bad’

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For the first time in over thirty years, music icon Elton John has stepped away from his regular band members to record a new album, his thirtieth studio release, with fellow music man and long time friend, Leon Russell.

EltonJohnandLeonRussellIfitWasntThe end result, The Union, sees its release coincide with the records first single, If It Wasn’t For Bad and the track is a break away from what we would expect for John but still clinging on to a few similarities so as to not stray too far from his comfort zone.

With legendary producer, T-Bone Burnett at the producers helm, the track is a welcome back to form for John and the session musician that he has worked with for many years.

Russell takes the lead in the track with John taking a step back from centre stage – something the legendary musician probably would have found very hard to do however with this number it really works. John’s subtle approach on the track allows Russell to take the bull by the horns and really make it his own, showing what talent hides behind the grey bearded image of age.

The track is drenched with the sound of Elton on piano and has the musicians signature sound of his eighties hits laced all through it. The track is Americanized however by the vocals of Oklahoma music icon, Russell who sounds very similar to fellow American music veteran and Eagles member, Joe Walsh.

A bluesy, folk number with the right dosage of Americana for two iconic musicians in what is set to be an award winning collaboration and a nice glimpse of what is to come on the forthcoming parent record.