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Single Review: Editors – ‘A Ton Of Love’

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Editors have been called many things: the new saviours of British indie-rock, Joy Division rip-off merchants, and a pale UK imitation of NYC indie heavyweights Interpol. Whichever stance you ascribe to though you kinda have to admire their determination to keep going.

Ton Of LoveA Ton Of Love finds the band embracing their rockier side after the acrimonious departure of former lead guitarist and synth adept Chris Urbanowicz. In a year when every band and his dog seem to be embracing synths in some capacity it’s refreshing to see a band so renowned for their love of them leave them at the door of the recording studio.

The track boasts unmistakable stadium rock pretensions, and is glaringly reminiscent of U2 and Echo And The Bunny Men. While Smith’s ominous baritone has never sounded gloomier or better, the lyrics aren’t particularly strong, with “I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust myself” being particularly banal. The energetic repetitive Bono-esque refrain of “desire!” is catchy enough, but the only thing this track really made me desire to do was pick up my copy of The Back Room and listen to Munich on repeat.


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