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Single Review: Dizzee Rascal – ‘Goin Crazy’ feat. Robbie Williams

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A few years ago news of a collaboration between grime and garage connoisseur Dizzee Rascal and fallen angel Robbie Williams might have set brows frowning but – when you think about it – it actually makes perfect commercial sense. Dizzee hasn’t tried to hide his ever-expanding fascination with pop – so what better way to lay claim to mastery of the pop realm than by enlisting the assistance of its once-golden emperor, Mr Robbie Williams?

Dizzee RascalGoin Crazy is a decent enough song but,  though on paper it ticks all the boxes in the smash-hit handbook, it weighs in at less than the sum of its parts. Williams’ vocal is underwhelming and ultimately feel listless. Notions of “going crazy” are all too reminiscent of Dizzee’s previous hit Bonkers, and the drug references and reflections on insanity just feel clichéd.

When Williams sings the line “I believe I’m going crazy… I believe I’m losing my mind” for a second it makes you wonder if this is an attempt at satire. Sadly it isn’t.

Slick production and rapid-fire rapping from Dizzee buoy the song and Robbie regains some kudos with his outro but let’s hope this is not characteristic of Dizzee’s forthcoming album.

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