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DVD Review – Wrong

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If you don’t get Wrong, don’t feel bad. After all, writer/director Quentin Dupieux is known for his belief that films don’t necessarily have to have a point. This is the same guy who made Rubber, a film about a car tire that develops destructive telepathic powers.

WrongIn Wrong, Dolph Springer (Jack Plotnick) wakes to find his beloved dog, Paul, has gone missing. He then has a long phone conversation with a girl working at a pizza joint about their logo design which appears on a junk mail flyer he just received. He then talks to his French gardener about the palm tree in his backyard which has mysteriously turned into a pine tree. Dolph then goes to work where his office is under a constant downpour, as if someone has set of the fire sprinklers. Everyone acts as if this is totally normal, but keeps snickering at Dolph because apparently, he was fired 3 months prior to that. And so it goes…

Eventually, we learn that Paul (the dog) was kidnapped by a mysterious Master Chang, who believes dogs have telepathic powers and is in the business of kidnapping dogs so that their owners come to appreciate them more.  Unfortunately, Paul has really gone missing, so Master Chang had to hire an investigator to find him. The scenes with Master Change are mildly entertaining, and he is played very well by William Fichtner, and there is one funny scene where the investigator takes the memories from one of Paul’s turds (connected to a video monitor) to get some clues. But mostly, the movie is just one scene after another filled with conversation about the minutia of some banal topic that does nothing to advance the story. It’s clear the movie is just trying to be odd…just to be.

Maybe I don’t get the point. Maybe there is no point, and that is the point. You probably won’t either. Or maybe you will.  Or, maybe you will take your dog to the dog park for a good hour and half, and not regret that you wasted that time watching this movie instead.