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Single Review: Die and Interface featuring William Cartright – ‘Bright Lights’

2 min read

Seeing it’s release over the past week, Bright Lights is the new single created via a collaboration between DJ Die and Interface who have teamed up with the smooth croonings of vocalist William Cartright.

DieAndInterfaceOozing with  indifference from the get go, Bright Lights begins as a mellow almost late 80’s slow jam before lifting off with a more pulsating beat. The song sounds like two very different tracks blended together to form one with the verses sounding very incompatible to the chorus. While each verse is sung slowly over the repetitive riff, the chorus dips to produce a subdued entity of its own which sounds unconfident and unfamiliar within its own surroundings.

Before we are given the chance to decide whether we like the song or not it is pulled to a halt after a mere 2 minutes 40 seconds. The structure of the song is as simple as songwriting gets. A double verse, double chorus sing a long with not even a whiff of a bridge or that special something that promises to take you somewhere that is particularly exciting, interesting or entertaining.

Though the radio edit provides little in the way of listening pleasure or a lengthy single for the ears, the double dose of remix additions to the release prove to be a better offering, particularly the Rollers Mix which kicks a decent share of life into what would potentially turn out to be nothing more that bargain bin fodder.