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Album Review: Delta Spirit – History From Below

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Following the alternative country rock record that was 2008’s Ode To Sunshine, San Diego four piece Delta Spirit bring us another collection of American soul in the form of sophomore album History From Below.

Named by Q Magazine as one of the best new acts in the world, Delta Spirit are known for creating an authentic sound by using unconventional instruments such as tin cans and orchestral bass drums.

DeltaSpiritHistoryFromBelowHistory From Below is a portrayal of all that is time-worthy and awe-inspiring in the world of American folk with each song on the album as memorable and substantial as the next.

A strong contender for a 60’s rock n roll revival, opening folkie 911 is an infectious dose of the genre modernized for today’s listener whilst still holding on to the vintage backing vocals and strong Creedence Clearwater Revival inspired hooks.

Golden State is a piano and drum driven classic rock number touched up nicely with the screechy yet passionate vocals of front man Matt Vasquez. The song is optimistically crafted with moving moments lurking around every corner. Lines like “friends remain even through the strain of a long road ahead” are the defining brilliance of what can be heard throughout the number and in fact throughout the entire album.

Ballad of Vitaly breaks open the country roots of the band with a melancholic treat reminiscent of a Bob Dylan hit.

Honky Tonk and harmonica-spiked preachy number St Francis and the epic Salt on The Wound gel perfecting with the rawness of swamp gem Scarecrow and the timeworn ballad Vivian.

History From Below is an ambitious yet humble piece of musical artistry. A record where modern meets vintage and swamp rock adds further flavor to the catchy melodies and hook laden acoustic numbers showcased on the record. It’s an album that pulls together eloquent rhythms and poetic lyrics in soulful harmony.