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Single Review: Delta Maid – ‘Of My Own’

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With a new record set for release this month, country singing beauty Delta Maid is skipping down the road of future success with her latest single, Of My Own. Gaining quite heavy airplay over the past few weeks the singer introduces us to her take on bluesy country crooning with a track that is drenched in twang and uptempo country splendor.

DeltaMaidOfMyOwnWith a strong Nashville sound don’t be too fooled. Instead of emerging from the country streets of Tennessee or Alabama the singer comes direct from Liverpool but has tapped into her life-long love of the genre as heard on the release of her debut record, Outside Looking In.

With a sturdy drum roll the single takes off quickly as we are introduced to the new homegrown lady of country as Delta Maid jumps into the track with some blues scented vocal lickings. An optimistic track, Of My Own is the perfect song to begin Maid’s career in the commercial limelight as it allows the singer to showcase not only her amazing vocal talents but also her knack at penning some remarkable musical numbers.

Drawing from her evident passion for country music, Delta’s spin on the genre is given a more modern twist. Lyrically, as the singer defiantly stands up to a lover who is taking advantage of her, Maid shows off her lyrical flair as she loops around an impressive blues coated backbone of guitars and piano tinkering that end the track on a high.

With Of My Own proving to be such a memorable introduction for Delta Maid we will be counting down the days to the release of the singers hotly tipped debut record release over the next week.