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Single Review: Caro Emerald – ‘Tangled Up’

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Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor was the first full length offering from Dutch Jazz-Pop songbird Caro Emerald. The album topped the charts in her native Holland and even eclipsed Michael Jackson’s Thriller in terms of weeks in the number one spot. Yes, for 30 weeks the debut stayed firmly planted in the top spot. The record brought together numerous musical styles and genres such as Jazz, Pop, Swing and even a little bit of Dance and produced a string of hits including Stuck, That Man, Riviera Life and the enormous lead single, Back It Up. The videos released with each single were as tantalizing and animated as the diva herself as each song offered to the world a sample of an international superstar in the making.

CaroEmeraldTangledUpHaving released all of the singles from that album Caro is moving forward with her sophomore effort, The Shocking Miss Emerald which is penciled in for release later this year. To tease us in the run up to that forthcoming collection’s unveiling, Caro has this week revealed the first track to be taken from the album.

Tangled Up is written by Vince Degiorgio, David Schreurs and Guy Chambers who is known for his songwriting partnership with Robbie Williams and displays a strong female vocalist who is on top of the world. The vocals are crisp on the new track as she unfurls a passionate gem that oozes a similar Jazz sensuality as her previous singles while pulling in new elements, ensuring the song is fresh but familiar.

The song is catchy and memorable as it ebs and flows through a series of rich Jazz influences and infectious pop hooks, her vocals effortlessly swing around her bands charming and persuasive instrumentation.

The bar was set fairly high up with the singles taken from Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor but that seems not to have phased Caro in the slightest as she delivers yet another hit overflowing with pizazz and energy.