Sun. May 19th, 2024

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Bloc Party announce ‘Tapes’ mix, mixed by Kele Okereke (UK)

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Thought you had Bloc Party pegged? Prepare to be surprised. Make that very surprised. The London four-piece have always had an undertow of dance music, something to do with their propulsive rhythm section perhaps, but frontman Kele Okereke’s Tapes mix for !K7 is pretty much a full-on dancefloor set, albeit one with a few twists and turns.

The Tapes concept is a mix along the lines of an old school cassette tape, two sided with different moods on each. Kele’s starts in familiar territory and builds towards something altogether new. It’s a love letter to Bloc Party fans, a journey charting Kele and the band’s influences and favorite music. The mix opens with I Love You La La La by Canadian band Do Make Say Think, a woozy drone of post rock.

Tapes is available for pre-order from iTunes now.