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Album Review: Ash – A-Z Vol. 2

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Ash have remained in a league of their own since their formation in the early nineties, rising to prominence as one of the earlier Brit-pop bands that scored a number of hits and went on to gain quite a considerable cult following as well as international appeal, most notably due to the bands iconic signature track, Shining Light.

Having repeatedly churned out records that have gained critical acclaim and their fans stamp of approval, the Irish indie boys have been busy with their latest project which this month comes to a close.

AshAZWith the projects second album release which saw the indie outfit offer us a new single every two weeks digitally and on vinyl for a year, Ash conclude their A-Z series this month with the release of A-Z Volume 2.

With every track well worthy of being an Ash single, the second in the A-Z series sees fan favorites including Binary and Carnal Love hand in hand within a collection of some of Ash’s best work to date.

With the winning combination of front man Tim Wheeler’s distinctive vocals and the bands uncompromising ability at crafting the infectious and intricate melodies that have made this band a favorite within the alternative rock genre for almost 20 years, A-Z Volume 2 is a superb collection of enforcing numbers that set this band apart from the rest.

Dare To Dream’s opening guitar riffs and atmospheric coating brings together the strengths of the  Ash at their best.

The piano tinkering of Spheres makes this track really stand out on the record with a musical architecture that sweeps you up into its gentle backdrop of keys and space-like synths sitting gently behind an orgy of electrifying guitar work.

The punk driven Embers offers us a complex yet musically compelling addition to the second series of the collection.

Nearing the end of the record the collections token instrumental, Sky Burial, hits all the right chords as it sits perfectly within the album as A-Z’s most lengthy number.

The collection is also dotted with the two radio released singles Binary, and the bands last single, Carnal Love, a gentle and semi sombre, fifties soaked indie gem that easily rivals any of the bands heyday releases.

Ash continue to prove to have the staying power of true rock icons. With the release of yet another incredible collection of radio friendly classics, this is a band that shows no signs of going anywhere, anytime soon.

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