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Interview: Cast

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As one of the founders of nineties Brit-pop, Cast went on to cement themselves as one of the true indie greats within the genre for almost 20 years. With the deluxe release of the bands most successful record All Change, which will be released later this month, Brendon caught up with Cast front man John Power to find out all about the release, plans for a new record and his thoughts on the past 20 years as one of Britain’s most influential indie outfits.

Brendon Veevers: How are you doing?

John Power: I’m doin’ ok, feelin’ just dandy.

BV: Your iconic 1995 record All Change has its 15th anniversary this year. Reflecting back on the creation of the record, what fond or not so fond memories do you have?

JP: I’d say some what of a roller coaster ride. Recording the album was a mixture of, stretched emotions and blind belief and of course moments of self doubt and a little magic. As the band that was pretty tight from touring the songs pretty much non stop,we just needed John Leckie to capture the sessions and keep us all playing together but I think we all had a feeling that were on to something and we just had to reveal it.

BV: Will there be any extras on the re-release that fans should look out for?

JP: There is some crackin’ early demos. One of Sandstorm that is very candid although a bit worse for wear, shows the song in all its innocence. Also a song called All My Days, which never made it on to the album, I didn’t like the arrangement, too much goin on. In hindsight it should just have been an acoustic shanty, maybe it will? But it was part of the session and so I thought it apt to be included on the re-release.

BV: Of all the Cast songs that have been written over the years, do you have a personal favorite?

JP: No , I don’t want to get too nostalgic, I do have songs that are very close to me and some I cant stand. But don’t worry, All Change is a friend of mine. It knows me well.

BV: Cast are considered one of the founders of the Brit-pop movement, quite an achievement. How does it feel to know Cast have made such an impact on music?

JP: Nah I don’t give it a second thought really. It’s nice to have mattered. Because when you’re in a band there is some sort of need, a need to matter to the times that your livin’ in.

[youtube id=”o7GpVCkd7bA” width=”620″ height=”360″]

BV: The band had quite a lengthy hiatus after parted ways in 2001. How did the reformation come about?

JP: Well it still is reforming. I have some new songs that seem to be calling out for a Cast album, so  I called up the other members and we decided to do some shows and take it from there. There will be a Cast album but everyone is free to come and go as they please. People have different lives now and that’s all fine, but me I just gotta keep on keepin on, or so they say.

BV: How has the reception been so far to the reformation?

JP: Nothing but good will…

BV: There has been talk that you are in the process of writing new material. Is this true and what can we expect from a new record?

JP: Yeah, that is true. You’ll just have to wait and see.. I’m excited about the feel of the new songs being written and from that excitement stems the whole reason I’m going back to stand on stage with Cast again.

BV: You have had an impressive career spanning almost 20 years. What has been the biggest highlight for you and Cast in that time?

JP: I really don’t know. Some days it really doesn’t matter at all what you’ve acheived, its all rellative. Top of the Pops, Glastonbury, sold out gigs and platinum discs, Well the latter are just lying under the bed and the others are just good memories that I sometimes allow myself to bask in. Look the band had some great times, but I can only now allow myself to see that, because I kind of fell out with the whole idea of what it was. Although live we did rock…we were a great live band on our night.

BV: So many new indie bands cite Cast as a major influence to their music. Who inspired you?

JP: Well it all started with Rock’n’Roll and Chuck, The Beatles and The Who, but there’s been so many great bands and artists throughout the decades which have all left a mark in time.

BV: You are touring in November. How does it feel to have the band back together and on the road again?

JP: I’ll let you know soon as….

BV: What can we expect from a Cast concert these days?

JP: Well I’ve got this theory that we’re goin’ to really allow ourselves to celebrate being on stage together, singing and playing all them tunes again for the first time in a decade.

BV: So what’s next for Cast?

JP: I’m lookin’ to make a great sounding record. Hopefully in the new year and to be doing some more shows with the band. Let’s see how we are after the tours finished.

BV: Thanks John

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