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Album Review: V V – Glitch

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V V Brown – or VV as she is simply known these days – is back and we could not be more excited by her return! The musician delivered one of, if not THE most exceptional album of 2013 in the darkly form of Samson & Delilah. The record proved to be a fully-fledged departure from her time in the pop charts that the singer enjoyed nesting in following her Travelling Like The Light debut. Emerging back onto the scene as a musician who has honed in on and mastered a very different style to that over previous releases, V V delighted and excited us with her metamorphosis from sweet Shark In The Water pop star to a goth drenched butterfly on a mission to reinvent herself.

V V Brown GlitchFast forward exactly 2 years and the reinvented musician has delivered her 3rd studio album, Glitch. Brown has made a strong point about developing her sound and style and she mastered this task on Samson & Delilah. Here she takes it one step further by pushing this dark, rich sound to new and memorable heights.

The record contains a plethora of engaging new pennings that continue to surprise us and in an age when recycling is present in almost every new record released, Glitch is a nice departure from a music scene that is quite clearly starved of originality.

Serving the record as its lead single, Shift invites VV into techno territory. Its punchy rhythm and spoken word interjections sit between a rapid trance-like instrumentation and add a contrasting feel to the new record.

Space to Breathe is a powerful addition to Glitch as it oozes with single potential and carries a radio-craving vibe in its flowing melodies and slight drum n bass beats. Flatline entices us with its pulsating electro intro and spacey effects that stream through the track and is another obvious single contender within Glitch.

What is so captivating about Glitch, which is delivered in similar vein to her previous Samson & Delilah release, is the eclectic and eccentric compositions of each of the tracks featured here. Swinging from the eerie Gregorian-eque chants of instrumental opener Bells to the radio friendly Space to Breathe and the motivational speech filled Sacrifice, Glitch is pure perfection from start to end. This is a record from an artist that defines what it means to push your creative boundaries and she’s done so with a seemingly effortless execution yet again.

As moves further and further away from the mainstream pop scene, V V has become a truly phenomenal artist, composer, songwriter and a master of reinvention.  Glitch is just the sort of record we were hoping V V would deliver us as a follow up to Samson & Delilah. Hat’s off to you Ms Brown!