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Album Review: Tove Styrke – Sway

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Photo: Sony Music Australia

Probably not everyone is familiar with Tove Styrke, but you should! Especially after her latest release Sway. Tove Styrke is a Swedish electropop singer and songwriter who gained popularity thanks to her participation to Swedish Idol 2009. Since then, she released two studio albums Tove Styrke and Kiddo, and her latest project Sway.

Sway is a personal album in which Tove Styrke recounts her own experiences about falling in love, desire and temptations. In this record the Swedish singer proves her vocal and songwriting abilities once again by creating eight extraordinary songs.

Sway, the title-track, is a fast paced, romantic and playful song: the perfect opener for this album. Following, Say My Name feels cheerful and it marks a change in Tove Styrke’s music styles. This track sounds simple and interesting at the same time thanks to its ukulele riffs and bass. Moving on, the tone of Sway changes in On the Low, in which Tove Styrke’s whispered vocals narrates about her desire to be in a relationship.

Tove Styrke concludes her third album with a cover: Liability (demo) by Lorde. The song was released in 2017, few month before the Swedish singer joined Lorde in the US for the Melodrama Tour 2018. Tove Styrke’s Liability is an exceptional pop verion of Lorde’s slow ballade.

Overall, Sway is entertaining, fun, emotional and energetic. Although really short (27 minutes in total), it feels like an intense record. Apart from being exceptionally well crafted, Sway is at the same time catchy and relatable: it is highly probable that you will end up falling in love with all the songs.