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Album Review: Tim Wheatley – Cast Of Yesterday

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Alt. folk rocker Tim Wheatley has finally released his debut album Cast Of Yesterday and it sees Wheatley’s signature vocals touch on the past, the present, friends, heroes and villains all in a neat 12-track package. Although he found success in the release of his EP Crooked Saint it’s his inaugural release that’s really sees him finding his stride. The level of song writing is superb: he’ll have you reminiscing on the times (and sounds) of a better yesterday with his own signature style.

Tim Wheatley - Cast Of YesterdayWheatley’s alternative side really shines through when you take a moment to appreciate the smooth lyrical lines he delivers in each of his tracks, many of them so hauntingly relatable that you can’t help than be drawn in. 78 Benz is one of those tracks full of verses inspired from looking back at the past “you stopped to smell the roses and your 20s got away”, crafted with a slide guitar to really give off a sense of nostalgia. Another understated lyrical masterpiece on the album comes from lead single Valerie which is inspired from literature and touches on fractured family relationships. Lines like “man she crushes spirits in her pestle and mortar” / “bet you don’t breath easier now that he’s gone” really stick with you.

Cast Of Yesterday effortlessly creates a balance between classic rocker with alternative sensibilities and a country twang that sings songs with an abundance of meaning. With tracks Hot For August and Burning the Midnight Oil you’re struck with rock inspired tunes that are full of passion. Their melodies are infectious and like The Heathen they even resemble a traditional style with simple country riffs. Tim Wheatley will take you to another time with his smooth vocals and song writing abilities, his melodies will inspire you of days gone by and the riffs will have you yearning for better times.