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Album Review: The Riptide Movement – Getting Through

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Getting Through is the third studio release from Irish indie rockers The Riptide Movement and while it’s earned them great success in Ireland, it’s finally getting an international release. It’s an album full of vivacious melodies and striking lyrics all crafted with catchy drumbeats and remarkable riffs. The lads behind The Riptide Movement formed in 2006 and it’s clear to see that all their years together has worked wonders in terms of creating a cohesive album full of sass.

The Riptide Movement - Getting ThereThe material on this record is stellar; some tracks are almost anthems for the youth of today, they might be a touch melancholy but boy they’re relatable. Kicking off Getting Through you’re struck with Animal, a lively little ditty full of bouncy riffs and building drums about being your own person, complete with it’s own fiery chant “I don’t want to be your animal”. Another tune all about adolescence, this time acknowledging their defiance but also bonds they form with once another is You And I. It’s such a raw track full of spirited energy and an epic guitar solo that you’re just left rocking out while you jam along to the sounds and grand lyrics, “You don’t think that your shit don’t stink, the world don’t owe you anything, play the victim if you like but that won’t get you what you want”/ “We get by you & I”.

Dialling back the theatrics a bit and you’re left with soulful, folk songs like Across The Water, Skin And Bones and Sycamore Tree. Tracks like these really encapsulate a mood, it’s a bit gloomy with lyrics taken from a deep personal place, but there are hints of optimism sprinkled throughout. These are some of the tracks that also feature a haunting use of cello and harmonica that really add to the smooth guitar and subtle drums.

Getting Through is an essentially an appealing look at being a youth on your transition to adulthood, it might seem like a bleak road ahead, but you’ll get there.  Some tracks are full of life and feature lines that leave you chanting along with the boys and others are moving tunes with lingering lyrics. The Riptide Movement do a beautiful job at capturing the spirit and energy in each of their tracks that really do well in taking their listener on a journey.