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Album Review: The Local Legends – Queens Will

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Queens Will is the impressive debut album from Rock ‘n’ Roll quartet The Local Legends. The album has been described as a blend of traditional rock ‘n’ roll, blues and rockabilly, drawing similarities to Eric Clapton and Pearl Jam. It’s clear to see where these comparisons come from, as the whole album feels familiar even when listening for the first time. As familiar as it sounds, however, it is by no means a carbon copy of anything heard before, as the four-piece successfully produce their own take on traditional bluesy rock.

TheLocalLegendsQueensWillA case of what is old becomes new again, anyone looking for a new-classic-rock band need to look no further than The Local Legends. The album offers a substantial mix of slow ballads (What, Wonder) and heavier, faster paced numbers (Lonely God, Only Way) to ensure a careful balance of rock ‘n’ roll and blues.

Queens Will opens with the first single What, a slow paced, soft jam which oozes the signature bluesy rock sound that is so consistent throughout the 10 track collection. With its delicate instrumental work and emotional vocals this track definitely shows off the band’s vulnerable side.

Hey Jack is one of the more upbeat and catchy tracks on Queens Will, with an emphatic chorus and a lot of repetition (“Hey Jack, Hey Jack, you have to do your job”). This song is so catchy it will have no trouble sticking in your head for the next few days.

How Could I is another slow one with an impressive instrumental backdrop which works well to complement Ben’s Eddie Vedder-reminiscent vocal work before moving onto Wonder, a soft, slow ballad which shows off some fast-tempo guitar and drum work towards the end and a heap of emotion in the almost haunting vocals (“You are my/You are my wonder”).

Jackie opens with a promising guitar riff before slowing down for the verses and exploding again into the catchy choruses. This track ticks all the boxes for a great rock ‘n’ roll song and could have rivalled What for the lead single honour, in my opinion.

Rock’in Life is another up-beat track showing off some mesmerising guitar riffs which almost overpower the vocals at times. This song evokes some AC/DC vibes both instrumentally and vocally but the band does well to hold their own sound.

Queens Will ends with an instrumental track called Almost Outside and while it showcases some prominent guitar talent, the song is slow paced and somewhat mild for a closing track and perhaps would have fit in better towards the middle of the album.

The striking guitar solos, bass, vocal and drumming performances complement each other so seamlessly throughout Queens Will that there’s no denying this band have great chemistry when playing together. The Local Legends have delivered an exciting first offering and will hopefully continue to impress in their future efforts.

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