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Album Review: The Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This

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There was no doubt that the pop world let out a joyous sigh when news was revealed of Kevin Richardson’s return to his former Backstreet Boy collective last year and was there at the groups London NKOTBSB show at the O2 Arena when it was confirmed.  It was quite a memorable moment in pop music. Though it took the 5th piece long enough to snap out of his delusion that things could be better without the fame and success that comes with being a member of the most successful boy band in history, things are finally able to commence with the return of all 5 members delivering their latest studio album, In A World Like This.

BackstreetBoysInAWorldLikeThisHaving sold over 120 million records in their twenty years together, an Anniversary the outfit is celebrating this year, their lengthy time together appears not to have withered the group who has pieced together another cracker of a pop fuelled collection for fans with this new offering. Previous album likes Millennium and Backstreets Back remain iconic and record breaking releases for pops time capsule and although efforts following these two career pinnacles are going to find it difficult to compete, the Backstreet Boys are determined either way to offer a meaty and memorable record to their enormous fan-base and we have been offer just that on their latest.

In A World Like This ignites the flame on the groups 20th Anniversary celebrations with the albums lead and title single. It’s fairly safe to say that In A World Like This is the best single release these lads have churned out in recent years. Its radio-friendly and infectious quality is both uplifting and refreshing and provides us with an optimistic glimpse into many more successful years ahead for the Backstreet Boys.

Following is Permanent Stain which sounds quite reminiscent of The Wanted while the chorus sounds very similar to Lawson’s Learn To Love Again. Perhaps the world’s most successful boyband have been taking tips from the genres new recruits to add some modern flavor to this new collection.

A smokey piano lick opens Breathe, a powerful and emotive ballad rich in the groups trademark chorus harmonies while the verses are divided up Kevin and A.J. It’s a catchy and sentimentally stripped back number that offers the first ballad to the record.

Madeleine is one of the many genre dabbling tracks on In A World Like This. It’s an acoustic guitar driven number with a very minimalistic instrumentation – sounding almost improvised within the rest of the tracks on the new album and is carried by, for the most part, Nick and A.J. It’s got a nice summer feel to it and is, lyrically, quite touching as the group serenade this acoustic ode to a lucky lady friend. This is one to make the groups female followers swoon we’re sure with the groups gorgeous breathy tones finding residence within the track key moments.

Further into the record we are met with the instrumentally bustling Trust Me that carries a really singer-songwriter vibe to it and is just plain fun with its encouraging lyrics and carefree gloss and a whole lot going on in the background without being too busy on the record.

One Phone Call offers us another heartfelt hit with the band declaring “you will always be my one phone call” around a finely tuned melody overflowing with hooks and an anthemic, power-ballad-esque chorus.

There is certainly plenty to choose from this new Backstreet Boys record. Both old and new fans will find everything they are looking for in the 12 tracks on show here. The album contains plenty of hit with the Backstreet Boys formula from the groups early years showing up in tracks like the albums lead single In A World Like This, Feels Like Home and the closing Soldier. These tracks all carry the bands distinctive power-pop sensibilities while other numbers such as Madeleine, Try and Trust Me dive into much more matured, singer-songwriter styles that we are probably less familiar with from this group but that suit the bands seemingly effortless ability to swing between contrasting genres with ease and precision.

In A World Like This is a fantastic 20th Anniversary studio effort for the I Want It That Way and As Long As You Love Me hit-makers.

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5 thoughts on “Album Review: The Backstreet Boys – In A World Like This

  1. A correction. The main verses of Breathe are divided between Kevin and AJ. Brian only sings on the bridge and adlibs. I wouldn’t be picky but its the hallmark of the song, since Kevin isn’t exactly a “usual suspect”

    1. Good spotting – thanks for that. Listened to that track a few times trying to make out who was singing Kevin’s parts and thought it was Brian. Thanks for pointing that out.

      1. Hey I just have read a few review of BSB last album to see what people write about it.. and your by far is the best one I’ve found =))) Big UP from Israel !!!

        1. Hey Benjamin
          Thanks for your feedback. Glad you enjoyed the review – it is a pretty great album they have given us isn’t it. Big up back from Australia :)

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