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Album Review: Steaming Satellites – Steaming Satellites

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The self titled, third album from Austrian rockers Steaming Satellites is one that is sure to take you on a musically journey from start to finish. Boasting a beautiful marriage of serious song writing and a universe of musical genres they’re a band that’s made crafting an album an art form.

Steaming Satellies Steaming SatellitesKicking off Steaming Satellites is a neat indie rock track that flirts with soft piano strokes before quickly evolving into grandeur with a fluster of instruments and punchy beats. Continuing through the album there are subtle liaisons with pop, track Honey takes an uplifting beat and adds some hard hitting lyrics to give this sweet track a bitter edge, such as “sticks and stones might break my bones, but their words keep killing me”. While later in the record Unfold takes you on a lyrical romp with Max Borchardt and his deep natured vocals being your guide crooning “hold on, let it unfold into the night”.

On the edgier side of the album are tracks Restless Robots and Back And Forth taking punchy beats and complimenting them with big, electric guitar riffs. Upping the ante with rhythmic cymbal hits and electric guitar licks to heighten each beat is bold track Circles. Throughout the song Borchardt serenades the line “I hope you won’t take it personally” before echoing “nobody wants you when you’re down and out”, making this one of the tunes with lyrical finesse, with too many of words packing an emotional punch.

Steaming Satellites is a release that incorporates so many influences and elements that it shouldn’t work but as a band Steaming Satellites pull it off almost effortlessly. Just be sure to keep an open mind before listening as each song tends to grow on you with extra plays as more and more of the layers present themselves, on a first run-through its all too easy to get lost in the sound. Ultimately it’s an album with an absolutely infectious energy that keeps you dancing and grooving along.