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Album Review: Skye – In A Low Light

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Singer/songwriter Skye (of Morcheeba fame) is back with her fourth album In A Low Light and it may be her craftiest LP to date. “I wanted to write an album of songs that I could fall asleep to, but it ended up being so much more than a night time record,” Skye has said through her PledgeMusic campaign for the record. To have a concept and allow it to evolve into something more can be seen as a creative blessing: for Skye this was definitely the case.

Skye - In A Low LightInstantly you hear where Skye was going with for the sound of In A Low Light as opening track Give In eases you into her world: the song creates this atmosphere you can easily lose yourself in. It’s not an easy ride all the way as darker number Said And Done changes the aura a little with its deeper sound. Skye’s vision is heard as each song plays, Cry is so translucent and could easily relax you before bed with her subtle vocal and stringed atmosphere.

If kiwi singer Kimbra was going to create a track as laid back the result would be In A World Unkind, Skye has a similar vocal style when it comes to her dragged out slow-tracks: she sure has a voice that an angel would envy. You could say that closing track Never Ending is appropriately titled at eight and a half minutes long, not to complain much though as the atmosphere of the track is so soothing.

Skye is as stunning as ever with In A Low Light and from here she’ll only keep getting better and better. It is definitely an album you can spin just before bed to ease your soul, or even if you just feel like putting on some relaxing tunes. Like the arrangements of each track Skye’s voice is dreamy and effectively carries each melody with ease.