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Album Review: Younghusband – Dissolver

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Pushing themselves away from defining the scene and coming into the guts of their music, British quartet Younghusband is returning to view with their second LP Dissolver. Taking experience from their last go at it, this second coming sees the lads struggle a bit with the balance of sound and affect but ultimately portrays a distinct brand being formed.

Younghusband DissolverDissolver sees Younghusband really find the swing of their sound but in keeping consistent they’ve managed to create an album that is one note. There are a lot of tracks that unfortunately don’t make much of an impact, from the laidback croon Broken Girls to the almost dreary drones of Orange Flare and Only For You. Finishing off the record on a similar tune is the title track Dissolver that fades out with the use of violins to represent the melancholy funeral of the LP.

While a majority of the album is smooth enough to slip through there are some gritty bumps throughout the ride that sparks energy within you for a few minutes. Opener Waverly Street sets up the suave English rock with vocals that promote a certain edge that sharpens the entire track, crooning a suggestive anecdote “if you come to meet me on Waverly Street the offer is open tonight”. Which moves onto Heavy Expectations a song with a gritty sound, highlighted with delectable guitar licks and contrasted with a recurring chorus of “ahhs” which add a much-needed lightness to it. While Better Times includes a subtle electronic beat to the repetitive guitar chords with building drums to put a spring in your step. Adding diversity to the track is the use of almost sweet backing instrumentals to juxtapose the sombre lyrics of the song, “in the morning when the sun restores me is when the darkness falls in better times”.

Younghusband brings a distinct sharpness to their brand of indie rock and Dissolver has a pretty steady voice. Each song promotes a very chill, laidback vibe with the murmur of the vocals that’s backed by a fairly consistent musical palette. Each track easily shifts to the next making it an album that’s easy to get lost in but it’s even easier to come out without it making a large impact on you.