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Album Review: Starsailor – All This Life

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Photo: Outside Organisation

Since their reunion in 2014, Starsailor have been busy hitting up the festivals, including Summer in the City, Rock Zottegem, Isle of Wight, and British Summer Time at Hyde Park to name just a few.  With such a busy schedule, it’s no surprise the quartet are only now ready to drop their 5th studio album, not to mention their first in 8 years, All This Life.

Just over a month ago, Starsailor released a little teaser – their lead track, Listen to Your Heart.  This instantly set the tone for the album to be deep and hopeful, with sprinkles of energy.

With the same title as the album is their second track, All This Life.  The light piano contrasts against the struggle within the lyrics.  James Walsh, lead singer and guitarist, muses over the “disappointment walking around, trying to make it in the modern world, didn’t think we’d turn it around.”  Whilst this could easily be applied to a relationship, there’s a much more communal feel as the lyrics seem to be about Starsailor getting back together, and navigating their way back into the music industry.

Starsailor perfectly demonstrate their versatility with Take A Little Time.  The music sounds playful, giving the track a Disney-style quality.  The song is about taking a breather from a relationship.  Although yes, they are on a break, Walsh’s caressing voice implores “take a little time, time for yourself, don’t get caught up in someone else.”

The album is knitted together not only by Starsailor’s unique sound, but also their lyrics.  In the heartfelt Sunday Best Walsh asks “how would you feel if I were somewhere else, and how would you feel if it was someone else?”  This doubt is then put aside in their final track, No One Else, where “no one else can bring the best from me.”

There’s a lot to digest in this album.  The music will guide you through the lyrics of a fantastic record you should set aside some time for.